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Mwambirwa Retreat - Taita - Kenya

Your Oasis in Kenya. A lovely place to spend your vacation.

Wonderful Location

The Taita Hills, south-east Kenya, represent the northernmost extreme of the Eastern Arc Mountains, a chain of mountains that run from south-eastern Kenya to southern Tanzania. These mountains include Mbololo Juu, Rong’e Juu, Ngangao, Sagalla, Kasigau, Vuria and Mwambirwa forests.  These mountains are recognized globally as "hot spots" for forest biodiversity (Conservation International).

Relax & Fun

The Mwambirwa Forest Retreat is located in a two acres plot and was developed to provide a base for ecotourism to visit this unique Mwambirwa forest but also other forests in Taita Hills and also the Tsavo East and West National parks. Rong’e Juu, where the Mwambirwa forest is located is also a special place in Taita Taveta with many stories on how the forest was developed to be what it is today.

African Atmosphere

The retreat has been developed following the concept of the home stays to bridge the gap of quality accommodation envisaged under vision 2030 but also to provide a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves into the rich and diverse cultural exchange and enhance the spread of the benefits of tourism to the local communities of the County of Taita Taveta.